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Patient Testimonials

Here are a few comments from a few of Dr. Amy Chen's patients:

     My family has been relying on Dr. Chen for over ten years. We find she is the perfect combination of the caring, effective alternative care provider and the mind-bogglingly skilled medical professional. She is absolutely amazing in any kind of health crisis, but more importantly, she gives a great tune-up! If you're feeling kind of wrung-out, not getting over a simple illness, or have hormones running rampant she's just plain gifted in balancing a body and helping it heal. If we do what she says to do (and after this many years of seeing her wisdom in action we always do what she suggests) we always get and stay healthier.

     It's so rare that true human warmth and compassion are coupled with formidable medical skills; Dr. Chen is that rarity.



     I came to see Dr. Amy Chen as a last resort before surgery for a bulging disk problem. I had gone through heavy prescriptions and had out-patient injections. The doctor had suggested I get a second opinion if I so desired, but because of the size of the bulging disk the only option she concluded would be surgery. A friend suggested trying acupuncture. I had nothing to lose (but the pain and surgery!). I gave it a try and it worked like magic. I have become a living, breathing, perpetual advertisement for acupuncture and Dr. Amy Chen. Keep up the good work.



     After my automobile accident in 2002, I had great back pain. I was unable to take care of my family and small child. I was skeptical at first, but I immediately noticed improvement after the first treatment. Over the course of two months of Dr. Chen's treatment, I became fully healed and was once again able to play with my boy and take care of my family. Thank you Dr. Amy for all you have done for us!



     I started seeing Dr. Chen because of chronic neck and shoulder pain. My treatments with her were not only successful, but they had a huge impact on my philosophy of health care. Because of Dr. Chen,  I now see acupuncture as an integral part of my overall health care regime. On top of being a wonderfully skilled doctor, she is a caring and joyful person. Office visits are always a pleasure. I know that I am always in good hands with Dr. Chen!

    I came to see Dr. Chen for infertility issues my husband and I were having. Unable to conceive for many years, we turned to acupuncture for help. After several treatments and with Dr. Chen's advice on my diet and health, we were able to conceive. It was a miracle!                                                                                                    -Karen

    Dr. Chen totally cured my insomnia, she is so kind and warm- very much like your grandmother or mother is caring for you :)                                 -Pamela B. (Judy's Book)

     Dr. Chen helped me with my allergy problems - first she checked to make sure I'm seeing an allergist and I appreciate that she's open to a combination of approaches. While the accupuncture certainly helped me, it was her diet suggestions that really helped me feel better and sleep better. I was skeptical about accupuncture, but she is no flakey healer type - she's a very professional doctor. I would highly recommend her.

                                                                                          -Jacquelyn K. (Judy's Book)


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